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Post by Big Mo on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:23 pm

I'm sick and tired of asking people to remember what the skies looked like when they were young. Anyone born before 1980 should really have no excuse whatsoever. But still, I get people, people you would consider to be intelligent members of society telling me “nah, it's condensation, blah blah blah”.

People really have a big problem with this one. Cognitive dissonance kicks in quicker with this subject than any other. For people to look up there and accept that what they are seeing is not quite right, means they would quite literally have to accept that everything they know about their little world is complete nonsense. People can't deal with the concept of governments poisoning them. It hits the very core of their being. There initial reaction is all encompassing and everlasting... “They wouldn't do that to us, that's just plain crazy.”

Further research: Asthma. Over the last two decades asthma has increased year on year at alarming rates. And it's not stopping any time soon. Aluminium. It causes Alzheimer's. We know this, yet the powers that be keep managing to find new and more inventive ways to get it into our bodies.

Advice: If you are trying, like many I know who campaign using the youtubes, to raise awareness about chemtrials, please be careful. Like I said above, most people really can't deal with it. They will label you a crackpot and attack you over and over again because of their own fear and complete unwillingness to give up their womb substitutes.

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