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Post by Big Mo on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:32 pm

Once you have control of the money supply of what was nearly the first and only truly free nation on Earth, what do you do? Build a war machine and take over the world!

It's impossible to know if the League of Nations was designed to fail. It's not really important because the second world war was planned and executed so well that a world government was ready to go just weeks after it finished. Despite the ongoing nonsense spouted throughout the 'truth movement', we have had a one world government since the UN was created, over 60 years ago. The UN is a world government, nothing more, nothing less. If you cant get your head around that, you should go to an online dictionary, type in the word government and read the definition very carefully. Once you understand what the UN really is, it is then very easy to see through a lot of the bullshit and fearmongering present on many truth websites and forums. Anyone, and I mean anyone, that tells you to be ready for WW3, is either seriously confused or a paid for shill bandit. THERE WILL BE NO WW3!!!

If anything, you could say that WW3 actually started the very day that WW2 ended. The elites have used their takeover of the USA to install military bases all over the world. There is nothing to prepare for. The elites have worked very hard to perfect the way things are today. They are not about to change a perfect system any time soon. Why would they?

You are here, reading this, because you have accepted that all is not right with the world, and that what official sources tell us about the world doesn't seem to add up. You have to remember this:

Whatever label they put on our heads, be it conspiracy theorists, lunatics or whatever...


Most people you know; your family, your friends, your work colleagues... have got no interest whatsoever in hearing about the so called truth. They are happy to live the lie and ignore everything else. Sure they'll moan about politics and banks. Sure they'll complain about immigration . You might even find common ground occasionally, when it comes to big director salaries and corporate giants. But despite any of that, the truth is we are a tiny minority and inside that minority there is an even smaller minority that actually have the balls to stand and fight.

And there will be no WW3. So please tell the shill wankers on the Icke/Jones forums to stop going on about it.

Further research:

If Sheeple ever try to challenge you on WWII, I would always hit them first with Fritz Thyssen and Prescott Bush. As the 'normal' people keep on telling us, you can't argue with hard evidence!
Tanks. Go to Wikipedia and read about the history of tanks.
Supercomputers. Go to Wikipedia and read about the history of supercomputers.

See also, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Please take into consideration that the article was probably not a 'Top Secret' CIA training manual found randomly lying around. I find it very hard to believe that the CIA would openly mention Rothschild in one of their training manuals. That whole paragraph was probably added to make the whole thing sound more sinister and dramatic. Anyhow, if you just take it for what it is; a random piece of unverifiable text, then it really is rather interesting.

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