Dinosaurs - feel wrong?

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Dinosaurs - feel wrong?

Post by Big Mo on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:36 pm

Like religion but with fossils instead of churches. The best estimates we have are that world population was at around 1-3 million when Jesus supposedly lived. So, we've gone from 1-3 million to 7 billion in just 2000 or so years. How many years do you suppose it took us to reach 1 million?

Evolution is a pathetic attempt at explaining away this type of question. Dinosaurs are a very creative and lucrative addition to the evolution collection.

Can I prove that dinosaurs didn't exist? Probably not. But I can smell bullshit from 10,000km away. If your gut feeling is that they didn't exist, don't let the rest of the world force you to believe in something that just feels wrong.

Further research:

Historical world population figures. Get your hands on anything and everything you can. There are lots of eye opening discoveries to be made once you start to dig more deeply into this subject.

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