Water - It's just H20

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Water - It's just H20

Post by Big Mo on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:42 pm

The sun heats seawater. Some of the water evaporates and forms clouds of pure water vapour. This eventually falls back down to earth. You can easily replicate this process yourself at home. Buy a water distillation machine!  

Very cheap, very simple and very good for you.

I'll never forget the times when I've walked into a Pharmacy, and just for a laugh asked if I could buy some distilled water...

The pharmacist says “Yes, we have some”

A look of caution descends across her brow... “what do you want it for?”

“I want to drink it”

The look of caution turns into one of complete horror... It's as if I've just asked her to kill a small defenceless puppy named Kookie.

“Drink it?? Oh no you can't do that”

So let's get this straight, for some unknown reason the good, kind, helpful and wise pharmacist has at some point been convinced that when we replicate the same system that nature uses for purifying water, somehow we inadvertently create something highly toxic and dangerous. (I have a good friend who happens to be a pharmacist, I'm not having a pop at her or anyone else that happens to be a pharmacist, let's just be clear on that. I think pharmacists are great, however, I do like to piss them off from time to time by asking them for distilled water).

Not convinced? Let's talk about proof. Do thousands of people use distillation machines at home to make drinking water? Yes. Why would they do that if it's so dangerous? Erm, maybe because they have realised for themselves that to say pure water is dangerous is like saying oxygen is bad for you. It's beyond ridiculous.

Personally, I am raising two very healthy children on pure water, and I'm happy to tell you that they are taller, stronger and smarter than most other children of the same age. Earlier this summer, my daughter reached two years old. She was launching herself down a slide at the playground when she accidentally bumped into another child at the bottom of the slide. I smiled at the parent of the child, standing nearby, and apologised. We started chatting and she asked me my daughter's age. Her daughter was considerably smaller than mine, and nearly a year older. When I revealed that mine was just two years old, the lady looked stunned and said “Yes... but... but... you English people grow them differently”. (She was Spanish, I'm not making fun of her, she was truly looking for a logical explanation, and English was clearly not her first language).

If you want to start drinking distilled water, there are only a few things you need to know. First of all, whether you buy an expensive machine or a cheap one, you should also buy a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter, so that you can test the quality. One great thing you can do with the TDS meter, is test local brands of bottled water. You may be quite surprised to find that sometimes the cheaper non brands are actually better quality than a top name brands. If you do buy a cheap machine first time around, remove the carbon filter attachment and throw it away. Also throw away the cleaning powder sachet they give you. You should be able to get down to 004ppm (I've managed 003ppm, which I then used to make colloidal silver) depending on the quality of the tap water you distil. Something fun to try, when it rains put a very clean saucepan outside, then test the quality of your local rainwater with the TDS meter.

Taste. It takes a while to get used to the taste and smell of distilled water. The water we normally drink contains metals that give the water a sweet taste. When you drink pure water for the first time the taste will come as a bit of a shock to you. I guess it's like someone who always takes sugar in their tea accidentally drinking a cup with no sugar. You get used to it. Also, the cheap $99 dollar machines will eventually start to produce water with a really funny smell (I'm talking like after a year of regular usage). They are a great way to put pure water to the test and see the great results with your own eyes, but it might pay to invest in a better quality machine once you've gotten into the habit of producing your own drinking water. One final note, to clean out the machine's kettle or drum, I personally find that sodium bicarbonate and citric acid mixed with a little warm water work wonders. Safer too.

I've watched Dr. Strangelove with a doctor. He wasn't a practising doctor, but he did have a phd. A fact that he just could not stop mentioning.

After the film:

Me: “So, do you get it?”

Doc: “Get what?”

Me: “Do you understand the overall message?”

Doc: “What message? It's just a very good, dark humour classic”

Me: “Ok then”.

Doc: “Ah, you're one of those tin hat people aren't you?”

Brainwashing is everywhere. It's all around you. Every single day, everywhere you go. Look out for it. It's amazing.

Further research: If you've been living under a rock: Fluoride and water fluoridation. Articles that accurately describe all the benefits of pure water can only be found on websites that are trying to sell you a distillation machine. Which is unfortunate for obvious reasons. I think it's best to just get on with it and see with your own eyes. There is TONS, and I  mean MEGATONS of bullshit waiting for you as soon as open google. So called experts will tell you that pure water leaches minerals from the body and yada yada yada... BOLLOCKS. Ignore them. Water is H20. Not H20+Littlebitsandpiecesandshit.

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