Deodorant - Eh?

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Deodorant - Eh?

Post by Big Mo on Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:50 pm

Aluminium chlorohydrate. One thing to notice, they slipped this one into the spray deodorants first. Then, when they realised that nobody noticed or cared, they slipped it into the roll ons. Then they realised that the roll on users are slightly more attentive to what is in their smelly stuff. If you still use a regular branded roll on, check the label on the bottle. You may have to peel it away to reveal that you are rolling on aluminium everyday. It's a clever little trick. My question is, what the hell is an aluminium derivative doing as the top ingredient in deodorants worldwide?

Just imagine, by the time Mr commuter gets on the 0815 subway train, he could have ingested over 30g of sugar from his highly nutritious packet cereal, some sodium fluoride, some aluminium chlorohydrate and a lot of caffeine. It's a combination that works perfectly if all you want is mindless unquestioning zombies.

Not so great if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Aluminium free deodorants certainly don't last as long as their poisonous counterparts. However, I feel that it's a small price to pay. In any case, you can always keep a bottle in the car or in a drawer at work, etc.

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