Sport - Entertainment for Slaves

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Sport - Entertainment for Slaves

Post by Big Mo on Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:47 pm

When I say sport, it should be noted that I am of course referring to spectator sports. As the industrial revolution started to kick off in Europe and the USA, funnily enough so did the construction of baseball stadiums, soccer stadiums and all other manner of sporting theatres. The first peasants to frequent such events must have felt an enormous sense of privilege. What they didn't realise was, as they were led off from farm to factory, was that they were to be the first in a long line of completely new peasants.... The Tax Paying Super Slave!

In just over 200 years, we've gone from thousands of years of Lords and peasants, to FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY. That's what I call evolution!

At least back then you knew you were a peasant. And you knew that your fate rested with your lord or owner. I love the way black people fall for the whole black slavery bollocks. Wake up black people, where do you think they got the knowledge and expertise to be able to treat people in such a savage way? Most people of European origin can trace their roots back to the peasant farmers or serfs, that's because up until a few hundred years ago, we were all mostly peasants or serfs. Look up the Irish Potato Famine if you haven't already. And before you go feeling to sorry for the Irish, just remember that those types of warfare have been used all over Europe for centuries. Like I say, they didn't just wake up one morning and say... Hey I've got a great idea... let's starve the Irish and use black people as slaves. You do not go from pleasant lord to slave owning murderer overnight. Whatever colour your skin happens to be, whatever religion or beliefs you happen to define yourself by, the next time you watch a sports game on tv just remember... we've all been slaves and peasants in one way or another for a very long time.

Further research: Check this out:

It's not related to sport, but it gives you an idea of the lengths 'they' will go to, to keep the sheep believing that all is good and everything is ok, here just watch some sports and be happy.

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